• Trencher

    Our V8550 Trencher can cut trenches up to 450mm wide and over 1500mm deep. It has side shifting capability and can cut trenches accurately to specifications offset to the tractor unit. Whether clay / dirt or something more diverse we’ll find a way to get your project sorted.

  • Rock Drilling

    Otherwise known as HDD, Horizontal Directional Drilling is the ideal solution if you need to install pipes and service utilities underground. This trenchless technology provides safe and accurate boring underground without the risks open trenching presents.

  • Rock Saws

    Especially suited to handle the diverse and challenging geotechnical conditions found across New Zealand. Our Rocksaws have the capability of trenching up to 1 meter deep, and widths of 120mm and 200mm. This machine quite literally eats tough rock for breakfast.


  • Electrix: Tuakau Gas Main Install

    In June 2014 P&H was contracted by Electrix to install 250 meters of 250 mm gas main in Harrisville, Tuakau. P&H used it's trencher to cut a 400 mm wide by 1.2 m deep trench. We then laid and back filled and also installed comms and power ducts in the same trench. The gas main will be eventually joined to the gas transmission line through a sub station.

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