• Hydro Excavation

    Our Hydro excavation units provide us with the ability to eliminate the risk of damaging underground utilities and tree roots. When locating and identifying underground utilities we are able to excavate safely using a combination of high pressure water blasting and vacuum.

    • Potholing

    • Services Identification

    • Trenching

    • Pile Drilling

    • Lighting Pole Installation

    • Road Sign Installation

  • Vacuum Trucks

    24/7 OPERATION

    Uniquely built, Kiwi Ingenuity has ensured that our fleet of Vacuum trucks have the capacity to handle the most difficult jobs & a wide variety of tasks. Our truck tanks range in size from 4000 – 25,000litres. No matter how small or large your requirement, we will have a truck to suit your needs. Our services include; 

    • Liquid Waste Disposal

    • Sewer Overflows

    • Environmental Clean-ups

    • Septic Tank Cleaning

    • Cesspit /Soak Hole /Storm Water Filter Cleaning


  • Fulton Hogan: MH7 Sewer Pipe

    In December of 2014 we were approached by Fulton Hogan to rectify a fault in a newly installed gravity sewer main in Karaka.

    The pipe had sunk in soft material well below its tollerance level for several meters upstream and downstream from a man hole. Because of the depth of the pipe, open trenching the pipe would have been very expensive and time consuming operationally. We were asked if we could find a cost effective and time efficient way to level the pipe without the need for open excavation.

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