AXIS - Mini Tunnel Boring

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AXIS - Mini Tunnel Boring
Laser Guided Boring System

AXIS is the latest breakthrough in technology for trenchless boring. Designed to achieve pinpoint accuracy, AXIS uses laser guided technology to drill and install a wide range of underground services on grade, at sizes ranging from 200mm – 1,500mm in diameter.

The capability to install or replace underground services to an accurate and consistent grade is becoming a critical prerequisite for those in the trenchless boring industry. AXIS implements a laser guidance system that determines the grade and line of the drill head. Accompanied with an onboard CCTV camera our specialist operators can make accurate corrective adjustments as required.

P&H has built its business and reputation on extending our equipment beyond their typical uses. We consistently and carefully consider each project with an outside the square approach and our AXIS division is no different. We have added key componentry to AXIS, it is now able to bore up to 1.5m in diameter, over double the stock capabilities, making ours a truly one of a kind machine.

AXIS is a Pit Launched laser guided boring system which is designed to achieve pinpoint accuracy while eliminating some of the difficult steps associated with other installation techniques. A wide range of product pipe, sizing specifications, and other jobsite requirements can be met with the versatile capabilities of the AXIS system.

  • Suitable for most ground conditions including basalt rock
  • Superior productivity to alternative methods in many situations
  • No fracking due to vacuum extraction creating a negative pressure bore
  • Clean, tidy jobsites with minimal traffic disruption due to tiny footprint
  • Modular design for site versatility and flexibility
  • Suitable for pipe sizes between 200mm-1500mm in regular conditions
  • Only 200mm minimum cover from surface required
  • Minimal reinstatement costs; needs only 2 pits
  • Pits can potentially double as manholes later
  • Reduced environmental risks; significantly less fluids required
  • Minimum soil displacement
  • Greater Health & Safety benefits
  • Easier Compliance
  • Variety of pipe material options available

An unbeatable combination in firmer ground.Superior accuracy and high efficiency make Axis difficult to look past when considering the real options suitable for your next project.