AXIS - Mini Tunnel Boring

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AXIS - Mini Tunnel Boring Sytem
Laser Guided Boring System


Currently the only one of its kind in NZ, the Vermeer AXIS® guided boring system is a pit-launched trench-less pipeline installation method. Its designed to achieve pinpoint, on-grade accuracy while eliminating some of the difficult steps associated with other pipeline installation techniques.

AXIS features the benefits of:

  • Vacuum extraction of spoil, reducing fracking at the end point.
  • Onboard Laser Guidance for pin point positive, negative and flat grades up to 14m deep.
  • Front mounted CCTV camera, providing a highly accurate steering for the installation of pipes from 300mm in diameter.

Typical to P&H tradition, we have recently developed additional componentry and carried out modifications that will allow AXIS® to extend its boring capability to install pipe sizes up to 1500mm. This is the first time in the world an AXIS® machine using vacuum extraction has completed the installation of pipes of this size.

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Bruce Holland
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Bruce Holland - Founder & AXIS Manager

If you think AXIS is the right machine for your next project give us a call!  09 267 9549