Taupo District Council: Mangakino

Project description: 

In May 2015 we undertook a project to clean and inspect over 11kms of storm water pipes in Mangakino, a small town in the north of the Taupo district. This was a great opportunity for us to break in our brand new iPek Rovion RX130 CCTV camera system, and to test our new custom built Hydro-jetting truck.

Mangakino was built in the late 1940’s to house the hundreds of workers for the construction of the nearby Maraetai Dam. It was only ever meant to be a temporary town while the dam, and other proposed dams close by, were being built.

Due to Mangakino originally being a temporary town, it was important that we surveyed the condition of the pipework in this town, to determine the current standard and quality, so remedial work could be budgeted and scheduled by Taupo District Council to make sure the towns underground infrastructure continues to operate without any problems.

Project budget: 
Completion date: 
June, 2015