Inspections & Diagnostics

It’s important for our underground pipeline network to be kept in top working order. Faults or blockages can cause nasty problems, at the most inconvenient time. Save on the admin and have your system checked routinely by us!

looking at pipe with camera

Council Build-Over Reports

If you are intending on building over or near a council/public drain the council requires that you inspect and assess the condition of the drain both before and after your construction process.

This kind of stuff is our bread & butter. We will provide you with video footage from manhole to manhole, uploaded to Dropbox and our assessment logs referencing manholes, pipe depths and any features/defects present in the line, site plans included on request.


Asset Locating & As-Built Plans

Using sonar and radio detection equipment we can track and locate the position & depth of our cameras in pipelines underground. This allows us to mark important features or designate work areas for repair crews.

looking for assets
Photo of staff member Slade Coetser
Slade Coetser
CCTV Division Manager